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Enter the Lone Wolf. Empty Enter the Lone Wolf.

Post  Edzcan on Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:56 am

What would you do if the genes of the wrestling legends and their skills are implanted inside you? Not only that, an experimental power know as the Flame and Blitz of Evolution that unleashes ones true powers within is also part of the powers gained with the genetic experiment. Would you trade your past, your memory and you own true identity for it?

For as long as he remember, he was a result of such genetic breakthrough but for the cost of his memory. With no knowledge of his past, the empathic geneticist helped him escape the lab and was told that the man behind this was a skilled wrestler in the Wrestling Game.

And as he enters WCFW, he now begins his search for this mystery wrestler with hope the gain both revenge and his memory back. He doesn't trust anyone and he prefers to go solo. But if needs arise, he will help out anyone especially when there is injustice.

He is neither a face nor a heel. He just fights hard, aiming to be strong and awaken the skills that are implanted in him until the day he faces his unknown enemy and regain his old self.

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