The Wolf Pack (Tag Team Fued.)

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The Wolf Pack (Tag Team Fued.) Empty The Wolf Pack (Tag Team Fued.)

Post  The Crimsin Moon on Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:10 am

(Suddenly music starts to play, and The Crimsin Moon, and Da Dice, walk to the ring with mics in hand.)

CM: Hello everyone, in case you have forgotten who I am, then I will remind you. My name is The Crimsin Moon, but you can call me CM. Let me introduce you to my friend.

Dice: My name is Da Dice, but you can call me Dice.

Crowd: (Chants, Welcome to WFCW...Welcome to WFCW.)

CM: Thank you...Thank you.Now lets get to the point. We came out here tonight to forum a Tag Team Fued against two superstars.

Crowd: (Chants Finaly som excitment.)

Dice: Now as you all know we will be callng ourselfs "The Wolf Pack."

CM: Now if anyone two wrestlers want to come out here, and step into the ring with The Wolf Pack, then come on down. But make sure you brought someone with you for your team.

Dice: Yeah, and if you guys keep bothering us after the matchs when we win. CM, has something to say about that.

CM: Like I alway say, "Leave me alone, before I have to Knock your ASS OUT."

(The Crimsin Moon, and Da Dice wait for someone to come out tpo make a Tag Team Fued.)
The Crimsin Moon
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