Chimaira's introduction

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Chimaira's introduction

Post  chimaira on Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:05 am

Real name: Unknown

Age: unknown

Born: the firey pits of hell

outfit: he is dressed all in black, wears a black mask with only one thing visable, his crimson red eyes

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Crimson Red eyes

Wrestlers name: Chimaira

Nickname: the demon from your nightmares

Face or Heel: Heel

Signature line: Do not fear the dark, do not fear evil, but you will FEAR ME!!

About my wrestler: no one knows where this wrestler came from, he appeared from no where, but the secrets behind his mask tell of one thing and one thing only, he is not from this world, he hates everything and everyone, his whole purpose in life is to be the very top of everything, since he achieved fame elsewhere he moved his attention to wrestling, his sheer size and strength being the charecteristic that will have him run riot here, he speaks in such a foreboding tone, the one thing that he has repeated since people have seen is this one very line
"do not fear the dark, do not fear evil, but you will FEAR ME!!"


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