The Crimsin Moons Roster Introduction

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The Crimsin Moons Roster Introduction Empty The Crimsin Moons Roster Introduction

Post  The Crimsin Moon on Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:07 pm

Hello everyone. My name is The Crimsin Moon, but you can call me CM. Well I'm glad to be in WCFW. But this is a warining to everyone in WFCW, I have a soplit personality, and if you mess with me, then you will get your ASS KICKED. If you don't leave me alone then like I always say, Leave me alone, before I have to knock your ass out."

Well if you would like to get in the ring with me. Then I think I'll have to accept, maybe just decline. But I will be sure to give you fans one hell of a show.

I'm on a quest to become a Vice-Gm once again. So people you better not get in my way. If you do get in my way you will find out that I am
The Great Ground & Pound Wrestler, The Maser of Submissions, The Best Stand Up Striker.
The Crimsin Moon
The Crimsin Moon

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