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Post  The Crimsin Moon on Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:30 pm

Suddenly The Crimsin Moon walks around the corner of wall, with The General Manager Marcus Ramon Silva, waiting for him.

Marcus: Hello, um...Who might you be? Please sit down.

CM: Well my name is The Crimsin Moon, but you can call me CM.

Marcus: Well CM, how do you like WFCW so far?

CM: Well I don't realy know. I heard that WFCW, was struggling. (Marcus interupts CM.)

Marcus: Wow...Wow...Wow...What were we excactly struggling with?

CM: Hey Marucs, don't you ever interupt me again! I think you don't know this, but I have a split personality.

Marcus: Ok..Ok..Sorry.

CM: Ok...Now I belive you are struggling with trying to get fans to watch your Shows/PPV's.

Marcus: Well I we are not struggling. (CM: Interupts Marcus.)

CM: Well I think you are strugling because, I can beat over half of WFCW roster. Like maybe 67%.

Marcus: Well that just might be true. But we will rise to be one of the best Federations in the world.

CM: Well if you want to become the best Federation ever, then you habve a long...Long time to go to be the best.

Marcus: Why...(CM interupts Marcus.)

CM: I belive you were about to say, "Why would you say we have a long shot to become the best stable ever." Roght?

Marcus: Well...Yes I was.

CM: Well the reason why you have a long shot to become the best federation ever is because, you don't know what your doing with the fed.


CM: Well just look at ICW: Insanity. Their PPV's/Shows, are the best ones that we have ever seen, don't you agree?

Marcus: Well I have to admit...Yes they do have one of the best federations I've ever seen.

CM: Well thank you for admiting that to me, and the intire roster.

Marcuse: Wait the roster heard that!

CM: (Laughs.) No I was just trying to scare you.

Marcus: Oh...Alright.

CM: Well if you want to have one of the best federations in the world. Then you shuld hire me to be your VGM.

Marcus: Well I'll have to think about that.

CM: Well fine. I ned to go ok.

(The Crimsin Moon, walks away from the scene.)
The Crimsin Moon
The Crimsin Moon

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