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Post  Ultra Vylance on Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:47 pm

Wrestler Name: Ultra Vylance
Wrestler Age: 25
Birth Place: Crewe, england
Wrestler Height: 6ft 2
Wrestler Weight: 275lbs
Entrance Video: Vylance (just one i did quick on pc) tune on it is, psycho
Hair: Black (although it varies to purple and red)
Eyes: White
Taunts: Lesson in vylance, worthy's fate, self destruction
Finishers: Cyclone DDT, Bloodshed, Grevious Bodily Harm (The GBH)
Face/Heel: Heel, but can easily be a kind of face that will punish heels for the way they are in a very violent way (a bit like DEXTER, which is clearly loosly based on my charactor, theiving tv scum LOL)

Background info...(understand the vylance)

He was born in bad conditions in england his mother and father both died in a fire. He was brought up as a child within a violent football firm where he rose to the respected level where everyone would listen to him for instuction. He became a cult figure in the english mob scene which he branched out to more than football related violence, he was taking on any faction he could find in europe. Later his own followers turned on him and left him for dead. He managed to recover and lived for about a year in italy trying to re group some men to take on his old followers, but whilst in italy, his then girlfreind was murdered by an unknown force in italy. He turned to drugs and alcohol and ended up in asylum, he broke out many times and snapped the necks of many guards, so was put into a high security facility in america, where he learned a more controlled art of fighting. He was earlier this year let out after considerable progress in his sanity seemed to have been made, no one knows if he is actually fully better now. He has been working the underground fight clubs and wrestling federations to fuel his addiction to fighting. Now he is in WCFW with intentions that no one yet knows...only time will tell

(yes i am amazing bte Wink )
Ultra Vylance
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Post  Marcus Ramon Silva on Sat Mar 15, 2008 5:20 am

yh thats great sexton good stuff

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