Rock3rRullz first interview for WCFW

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Rock3rRullz first interview for WCFW Empty Rock3rRullz first interview for WCFW

Post  rockerrullz on Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:11 am

The screen opens up into a parking lot where a black and red nineteen seventy five TRANS-AM Firebird drives through an isle of the parking lot and finds a parking space. The cameraman and an interview quickly race over to the car as you hear their feet clap against the pavement. When they reach the car, Rock3rRullz steps out and looks slightly surprised and annoyed by the appearance of a camera and interviewer. Rock3rRullz is wearing a “Gucci” T-shirt along with a pair of plae blue denim jeans, a pair of red tinted sunglasses, a black leather jacket tied around his waste, and a pair of black Adidas shoes. He quickly locks the door behind himself and walks past the two of them. The cameraman and interviewer quickly follow after him.

Interviewer: Um, Mister Rock3rRullz, a moment of your time please.

Rock3rRullz: Isn’t it enough that I was filmed on camera? I don’t wish to be bothered, now go away.

Interviewer: Please, we just want to ask you some questions and then we will let you go on your way.

Rock3rRullz stops walk and turns around to face both the cameraman and the interviewer, as they both stop as well. He lets out a soft sigh as he rolls his eyes towards them. It was an expression that said ‘whatever’ and it was quiet plain to see. Rock3rRullz cracks his neck and then looks back at the two people who he perceives as ‘two bumbling nimrods’.

Rock3rRullz: Fine, just move quickly, I got a life.

Interview: Okay, Mister Rock3rRullz, why have you chosen to come to WCFW?

Rock3rRullz: Well, my last fed in witch i was had to desapear, GDSW i think you know it ... and the only fed that offered me a contract for the moment is WCFW a national level federation.

Interviewer: Okay, next question, are you familiar with any of the talent here in WCFW?

Rock3rRullz: Well, I’ve never seen any of them in any other federation, and I don’t know any of them personally. Do you have aby more questions?

Interviewer: Yes, two more questions, what are your plans now that you are in WCFW?

Rock3rRullz: Win, like I am destined to. See, I believe that everyone was plotted out a certain path and that path will never change, no matter what. I was destined to win, and that is what I’ll do. Others will destined to loose and they will always be losers and pathetic wastes of my time. There is nothing more I like to do then to crush their dreams and just show them how hopeless their attempts really are. And why not... the title belts....are a very good chance to make you remarked again and gain a better contract in a Continental or intercontinental federation.

Interviewer: Last question, you are known to be a rather violent competitor, do you think that may intimidate some of the other wrestlers.

Rock3rRullz: I hope not, that would mean those wrestlers have no balls. You need to be violent to get anywhere in this business and if you aren’t willing to break a couple bones to get to the top, then that means you are not cut out for this business. It needs to be said that anything other than winning is not an option and anyone who accepts anything else, needs to get the hell out of my way. You should do so as well, I got stuff to do.

Rock3rRullz turns away from the camera and walks out of the parking lot into the arena. The interview slightly shakes his head and sighs to himself and the scene fades to black.


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