Pollo Loco's Moves

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Pollo Loco's Moves

Post  Pollo Loco on Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:59 pm

"Pollo Loco Taunt" - Pollo Loco Makes Fun About The Other Wrestler executing The Pollo Loco Taunt
"Pollo Loco Madness" - Pollo Loco Start To Laught And Taps His Butt executing The Pollo Loco Madness
"Pollo Muy Loco" - Pollo Loco Starts To Dance The Macarena executing The Pollo Muy Loco

"Suerte Muy Loca" [Direct Damage] - Pollo Loco start to hit her opponent randomly
Trying to hurt him by anyway executing a devastating Suerte Muy Loca

"Friendship Gift" [Submission] - Pollo Loco pull the oponent underwear over his shorts
Straining it until cover his head executing a devastating Friendship Gift

"El Mejor de Pollo Loco" [Direct Damage] - Pollo Loco hits the foe with a wild combo of quick and savage blows!! UNBELIEVEBLE!!!
Now he is grabing the oponent's head with one hand... What?! He hits the foe's head on the Turnbuckle!! The Westler is lying down helpless on the mat... executing a devastating El Mejor De Pollo Loco

"Tequila Hold" [Modified Strangle Hold]
"El Pollo Voador" [Modified Skytwister Press]
"Modified Chicken Wing Suplex Pin"

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