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Post  Pollo Loco on Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:31 pm

Wrestler Name: Pollo Loco
Real Name: Ricardo da Costa
Wrestler Age: 23
Birth Place: Miami, Florida
Wrestler Height: 195 cm
Wrestler Weight: 110 kg
Entrance Video: Under Pressure
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Taunts: Pollo Loco Taunt, Pollo Loco Madness and Pollo MUY Loco
Finishers: Suerte Muy Loca, Friendship Gift, El Mejor de Pollo Loco
Modified Moves: Tequila Hold, El Pollo Voador, Modified Chicken Wing Suplex Pin
Face/Heel: Face, wears a black bandana with smiley faces on it!

Ricardo was a poor boy... He was so poor what can't afford to pay attention!!!
But his father (Miguelito da Costa) notice what Ricardo always fight to help is friends when they are in trouble and usually win the fights... Miguelito thinks: "When this brat fights he is a PRO!!!". After that thinking, Miguelito sold his only sustenance: his Tent of hot dog, to pay the Wrestling School and give a chance to his kid!

And now... The World can see why Miguelito take chances and risk all they family has!

Loved by the kids...
Loved by the woman...
This latin Wrestler is envied by the man...

Ricardo da Costa, El Pollo Loco, make his way from nowhere to the spotlights of the fame!

*Pollo Loco always tries to give a better life to the poor child (like he was...). He starts a Pollo Loco Foundation!*

More info come soon...

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Post  Dargor on Wed Mar 12, 2008 11:15 am

and now I ando Pollo, my brother-in-arms, are the new tag champions of the 7th level! cheers

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