Edzcan's Moves and Trademark

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Edzcan's Moves and Trademark

Post  Edzcan on Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:06 am

1) Transcending Overdrive [Direct Damage]
-unleashes the Flame and Blitz of Evolution while dashing towards his opponent with full speed
-and delivers a series of 30 high impact kicks and punches then as the opponent was stunned he steps backward then delivers a shockwave clothesline

2.- Pain Skewer Overdrive[Pin]
-ducks as he measures his opponent
-then delivers an upward Spear then as the opponent was dragged upward on his shoulder he delivers a pinning Spinebuster

Revolver Bunker Overdrive (Modified Uraken)
Shockwave Clothesline Overdrive (Modified Rope Drop Clothesline)
Modified One Arm DDT

Flame Of Evolution
Blitz of Evolution
Legacy of the Legends

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