mucca1995 match boss (not for belt)

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mucca1995 match boss (not for belt) Empty mucca1995 match boss (not for belt)

Post  mucca1995 on Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:26 am

(mucca1995 is here)
mucca1995 enters from crowd whats this is this the best show in the worled
crowd yea!!!!!
well i have a small suprise for you all
all stuff start falling to the ring
it is a happy day for me
have a think what it is you do not no do you well have got a contract with wcfw and i am hopeing that the best gm will give a a match
gm comes out
com 1) its the gm
gm hey ok this is the deal you are not haveing a match tonight but
mucca1995 if i do not get a match i will i will
gm what you gunna do hit me
mucca1995 well yea
gm you still not geting match
whats this
mucca1995 turns away and turns back a hits the gm with RKO
mucca1995 tells a ref to get down here
ref runs in ring mucca1995 lifts the gm up and
mach starts

kk boss this is if you wana use if you need pics i can gets lots kk

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