Tylers Introdution of Destruction

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Tylers Introdution of Destruction Empty Tylers Introdution of Destruction

Post  Tyler on Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:54 pm

Wrestlers name: "The King Of kings" Tyer (once i get enugh money it will b The King Of Chaos tyler

Wrestlers Age: 18

Eye Color: Pure Blue

Outfit: White Pants with Black Flames comming up from the bottem with a red outline, A Black Undershirt (half the time) anda White Bandana

Entri: preceded by four druids wearing robes and carrying torches

home town: Death Valley, Kentucky

Wrestlers Story: Tyler grew up in a small town in KY and watched wrestling as much as he could with the dream of becoming a WWE superstar one day.. His Family and Friends Supported him while other people didn't Now that he is a Wrestler he is willing to put eveything out on the line every night to make it trough the ranks and give the crowd something to remember everytime He Enters the Arean

Gimmic: A kid that doesn't feel Very much pain at all and is on the darker side of his life and can make it look like the supernatural is happing and come and go out of know where but still looking to give the fans something to remember..

Sig. Saying(s): You Will Die, I'm gonna Put take you Steight To Hell, You Time Is Running Out


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