"The Great" James D's Application

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"The Great" James D's Application

Post  thegreat1 on Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:01 pm

Wrestlers name: "The Great" James D

Nickname: Gentle Giant

Real Name: James Davies

Age: 19

Dedication to the position: 4-6 hours a day.

Reason: I wanted to be a Vice GM on my last fed. I have single handedly run 2 successful online federations and want to pass that experience on to this fed.


Act One: Takin' Out Tha' Trash

"Returning from commercial break, we are live backstage in the hallways, the camera swooping in, viewing the area. Voices where heard from around the corner. The camera slowly panned around the corner, revealing Terell Alverado and JG Money standing face to face. It appears that we had engaged in a heated discussion, in which Terell was speaking to me about his injury, and me trying to persuade him out of it. Ha...that didnt go to well, Terell was dumber than he looked. Terell had the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder, preparing to walk down the hall to make it official, that he was vacating the title. Terell stood up to me, he was about three inches taller than me, him looking down at me as if he was feeling froggy. My background, me as a person, I really didnt give a damn who stood up or stepped up to me."

'The Frontline Knight' Terel Alverado: Why dont you respect my decision? Whatchu trippin for homie? Out of everybody here, I thought you had my back mane....I thought you woulda supported my decision, my arm is fucked, I need to take some time off.

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Why you tryna' be a pussy mane'? Tough that shit out mane'....why you gotta' take the punk ass way out?

'The Frontline Knight' Terel Alverado: Cause I aint as strong mentally or physically than you nigga! Damn! You always trippin, im tired of this shit. First, you took the chick that I wanted to holla at in the studio, now you fucking her. Yall only worry about yall damn self, you could care less about me.

"I became aggitated"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Mane' if you dont stop wit' all that sentimental bullshit. And dont chu' eva' say that shit again...I swear ill smack tha' yellow off them ugly ass teeth. And dont chu' EVER in yo' life refer to me as a nigga.

"Terell shoved me with his arm, with me to only take a step backwards, snapping my attention back towards Terell."

'The Frontline Knight' Terel Alverado: What everybody say bout you is right. Mane fuck you, fuck HRS!

"It snapped...my aggitation reached that level of intensity, that intensity in which light up like a bonfire. Terell turned his back towards me and walked off, heading towards Mr. McMahon's office. I stood there, ready to unleash hell on any and everyone who stood in my sight. At that moment, Terell had left my sight, only to be lucky for the moment. I walked towards the end of the hall, only to see Terell walking down the hall still. I found myself rushing towards Terell, taking his leg from under him. Terell fell to the ground, holding his knee as I began to stomp away at his injured arm. I continued to stomp on the injured arm, only to lean down and grab his arm. I placed it on the ground, jumping up into the arm, coming down with the heel of my foot on his arm. Terell yelled out in pain as he rolled around on the ground holding his arm. I then looked around in the halls, only to find what I was looking for. I then walked over to the vacant table, and grabbed a steel chair. I folded it up, raising it up, forcefully crashing the chair down across the back of Terell. Terell arched his back from the pain, as I continued to swing away with the chair, connecting with shot after shot. I then threw the chair the ground, squatting down looking at Terell as he rolled around in pain"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: No Terell....fuck you.

"I stood up, kicking Terell in the head violently as officials finally came to the backstage arena, only for me to walk away as if nothing happened. As I walked away, I held the Intercontinental Championship, walking towards Mr. McMahon's office. The hallway was finally silent, as I reached my destination. I opened the door, walking inside to see Mr. McMahon on the phone. I placed the Intercontinental Championship on the floor in front of Mr. McMahon"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Terell wont be needin' that no more. You got ya' self an injured champion. And he told me to relay this message to you. Terell said "I have to vacate the title due to injury" so dont expect him for a few weeks.

"I turned around, only to hear Mr. McMahon's voice as I walked off. I refused to turn back to acknowlege my boss, as I walked out of his office. My next destination was the ring, I had a statement to make. I went back to my locker room, preparing to go out and make my announcement. I walked out of my locker room and headed down the hall, making my way towards the curtain"

Act Two: Fuck Me? Nah'...Fuck You!

"I made my way to the curtain, preparing to make my entrance. I was interrupted by someone that was standing behind me. I turned around, only to see the most annoying guy to ever step foot backstage, Todd Grishim. I made it short and sweet, I punched Todd in the nose so hard, that he fell backwards, immediately closing his eyes. Put his ass to sleep with one punch, but thats what he gets, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I turned around, and awaited for my entrance cue..."

The lights slowly began to dim...leaving the arena pitch black...whispering suddenly followed...

....ride on THEEZ niggas....

"The bass exploded from the PA System, as the music started up. The lights began flicker, illuminating from green, switching to gold, switching back to silver constantly, as green smoke suddenly filled the stage. A shadow figure appeared behind the smoke...as the lyrics continued"


....i ride on THEEZ niggas....YEAH!
....i ride on THEEZ niggas...HAHAAA!
....i ride on THEEZ niggas....AYE! AYE! AYE!

....LETS GET IT!....

"The smoke cleared, leaving JG Money standing idle on stage with a smirk on his face as he looked to the right. The fans were giving off a mixed reaction, with more boo's over cheer's. Wearing nothing but his black entrance jacket, on the back, JG Money was written in gold letters, outlined in white. His hood was over his head, along with wearing his usual hat. He was chewing his gum as he stood there, with a smirk on his face, walking forward slowly, in motion of a strunt that matched the beat of the music. He stopped at the beginning of the decline in the ramp, looking to his left, smirking once more, then looks to the right, returning the smirk once more"

'The Latina Goddess' Lilian Garcia: Making his way to the ring, from Atlanta, Gerogia, The Undisputed One, JG Money!

"Continuing down the ramp with his slow strut, the music nears the begin of the chorus. As the music nears, JG stops at the middle of the ramp, taking position into a stance. Upon the words...[Jeezy DiNaro], he points to the left, using his left hand. Upon the words...[Snowman Pacino], he points to the right, using his right hand. As soon as the final words of the verse approached, JG leaned down offset to the right, placing his right hand on his hood, and upon the words [Cause Im Tha' Mutha' Fuckin' Realist], JG hops up slightly, removing his hood as the stage pryo erupted. The blast consisted of an full stage explosion, which resulted in flames, as money begins falling from the ceiling. Standing there with a smirk on his face, JG then walked slowly down the ramp, heading towards the steel steps"

"The pyro continued in the form of fire, as it blazed the stage. The money came to a stop as JG walked up the steel steps, slightly with a bounce in his step in rhythym with the music. JG then placed his hand on the top rope, trailing the top rope as he took a couple steps on the apron, then turned around, leaning back against the ropes, looking at the fans. He then stood straight up, pointing at the fans with both hands, then quickly pointing back to himself using his thumbs on both hands. He then entered the ring"

"Walking over to the turnbuckle, JG climbed up to the second rope, then removes his jacket, dropping it down to the floor. He then takes his hat and tosses it into the crowd, immediately following up by pointing to himself, then pointing down before him, saying [Tha' Mutha' Fuckin' Realist In This Bitch], as he continued to taunt on the ropes. He then hopped down, still receiving his mixed reaction from the fans, which resulted in boo's more than cheer's. JG then walked to the middle of the ring, looking down at the mat, before raising his arms taunting with intensity on his face. Upon finishing the taunt, the music began to fade as the pyro had come to an end...'

"I could feel the hatred from the fans as I stood in the ring, but I could care less what was going on around me at that moment. I reached down into my pocket, grabbing my mic and raising it up to my lips and I addressed the crowd"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Surprised to see me huh? Heh'...I didnt think so. I can tell each and every one of you bastards thats sittin' there, holdin' ya' lil' cups of drink aint expect to see me huh? You know...I notice alot of shit around here, but I dont neva' say anything bout' it. But now, my voice needs ta' be heard on this shit.

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Now you see, its people like me, who come out here and entertain yall' punk asses night after night, only ta' hear yall scream out shit like that. Ya' know what....it aint even a problem no more. I have no relationship with you fans, I dont want one, and I never will want one. See, yall just jealous, cause yall cant do tha' shit I do. So yall wanna go on and disrespect me and say shit like that. Just like Terell weak ass, when he thought he could get away with sayin' any damn thing he wishes to me. Heh'...you see, what he failed to realize, what you all fail to realize is....I own you all. Everybody in that damn locker room is just a fuckin' scrub to me, wit' the exception of The Queen, and she knows who she is. Otha' then that, dont nobody deserve ta' be in my fuckin' presence. Im Royalty...I am The Devil, fuck what McMahon thinks he is. Satan's true reincarnation is in the form of me....The Defination of Aggression, The Epitome Of Ruthless, The Most Undisputed Mutha' Fucka' that you will ever meet in yo' life. Im a brutal bastard with no regard for anyone that stands in my way. Heh'...so you say fuck me? Nah'....fuck you.

"I lowered the mic, hearing the stunned crowd as chants began slowly. I smirked, walking around the ring listening to the crowd. I then raised the mic up after the crowd finally shut up"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Im glad ya' used to hatin' me as much as you do, cause youll hate me more come Wrestlemania. I seen the polls, I read the emails and comments, ya' exact words "JG Money doesnt deserve to win" was posted on my myspace page, yet yall the same assholes who buy tickets to see me whoop somebody ass every night. Let me break it down like this. You...fat ass in tha' front row, get in tha' ring...now!

"Security allowed the guy to climb over the barricade. I stepped back away from the ropes, allowing the fan to step into the ring. As soon as the fan climbed between the ropes, I walked over to him"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Whats your opinion on your truely? Huh? Speak up mutha' fucka'!

"The fan then spoke into the mic as I held it out for him"

'The Fat Ass' Jimbo Jones: Well...I think your an as--

"I shut him up by smacking him across the face with the mic. He stumbled backwards as I pursued him, kicking him in the gut, grabbing him by the hair pulling him down into double underhook position and executes a devestating Moneymaker. I grabbed the mic as I kneeled down over him"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: Fuck me? Nah'...fuck you, fuck alla' you! Consider ya' self, a Moneymade Bitch.

"I stood up, looking around as the fans boo'd loudly. As the boo's finally died down, I looked down at the fan"

'The Undisputed One' JG Money: It begins....

"I dropped the mic as The Realist then blasts over the PA System. A cold unforgiving stare was placed upon the fan that was in the ring as the scene fades..."

....The End

That segment was 1 i wrote based on some characters on a fed of mine, I used Mr.McMahon 'coz on that fed he is the owner


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