Chimaira's battle

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Chimaira's battle Empty Chimaira's battle

Post  chimaira on Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:30 am

*loud noises are heard from backstage a camera crew has moved to try and see what it is*

Camera Man: what is that?!?!

*camera zooms in on chimaira dismantling areas of the backstage areas and throwing it about*

Camera man: what is he doing?

*goes back to the camera where chimaira has dropped down and is bending the metal and hitting his body with it*

Camera man: this guy is sick all i can see is his eyes and just from that he appears to be loving the pain he's putting himself through

*chimaira spots the camera man and runs towards him*

Camera man: i'm out of here i'm not hanging around to find out what he wants to do to me

*the camera man dropped the camera, chimaira stands above it the only thing we can see is his feet............... suddenly the demonic red eyes are in front of the camera staring down the lens, chimaira picks up the camera and launches it accross the room smashing it against the wall*

Transmision End


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